Instrument Specialties

Manufacturer & Supplier of Steam Cooker & Life Saver

Cook Up 
Veg / Non-veg, 
Rice, Idli, 
Potatoes, Eggs, 
Pure Soup, 
Sprouts, Dhokla,
Cake, Pudding 
And Many More Things....

Steaming is a Moist Cooking Method using the natural convection of heat travelling in air. 

Steam Cooking Makes food Most Hygienic, Healthy, Rich in Taste & Appearance. 

A far higher level of Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals with Lowest Calories is retained than by other cooking methods.

Can be used as Food Warmer to retain the original taste of the refrigerated food.

Protect Your Family & Industry Against Shock, Electrocution, Electrical Fires, Overload 
& Short Circuits


Gas O Grill
Veg. & Non Veg.

Electrical Fruit & 
Vegitable Ozonizer
Eat Clean Food

Curd Maker

Cloth Washer

Multi Functional
Steam Iron


Shredder for Veg.

Toolings for Veg.

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