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Cooking Time 12-15  Mins.
Ingredients Eggs 2 No.
Milk 1tbsp
Salt & pepper to taste
Fresh chives chopped 1/2 tsp
Fresh parsley chopped 1/2 tsp
Filling as under mixed togethe
Soft cheese 50 gms
Tomato (finely chopped) 50 gms
Fresh basil chopped 1/2 tsp

Method :Beat eggs and milk together. Season with salt & pepper. Stir in chives and parsley. Place the greased stainless steel plate in the steaming jar. Pour omelette mixture into the plate. Place upper cover on the steaming jar. Steam in steemo for 12 to 15 minutes.
Remove steaming jar and carefully take the plate out with the omelette. Put the filling on one half and fold over. Serve hot.


Veg./Chicken Noodles

Cooking Time 15 Mins.
Ingredients Noodles boiled 1 packet
French beans 100 gms
Carrots 2
Sheled peas 100 gms
Soya sauce 1 tbsp
Tomato ketchup 2 tbsp
Salt to taste

Method :1. Cut vegetable into 1 cm Cube steam them in STEEMO.
2. Heat little oil in non stick pan. Put noodles in it and fry for 5 minutes.
3. Add vinegar, soya sauce, tomato ketchup and salt. Fry again for 2 min.
4. Add all steamed vegetables or chicken serve hot.


Veg./Chicken/Mutton Cutlets

Cooking Time 30-45 Mins.
Ingredients Vegetable minced / Chicken minced / Mutton minced 500 g
Very finely chopped onion 30 g
Very finely chopped green chilli 20 g
Very finely chopped green coriander 30 g
Eggs (optional for Veg. cutlet) 2 nos.

Method :1. Mix all the above ingredients and shape it into balls and flatten to form cutlets.
2.Place in steamer container and steam for 30-45 mins. Remove and serve with tomato sauce.



Cooking Time 20-25 Mins.
Ingredients : Chicken/mutton/prawn/
pork/chopped veg./mince 200 g.
Chopped green onions 20 g
Chopped green chillies 5 g
Salt a pinch
Agino moto a pinch
Dark soya 5 g
Oil 5 ml
Chopped coriander 10 gms
Flour (Maida) 250 gms
Water for dough

Method :1. Make a stiff dough of flour and cold water.
2. Mix mince with rest of the ingredients.
3. Make small balls of dough, roll them out thinly.
4. Put stuffing in the centre.
5. Make dumplings as a small bag.
6. Steam in STEEMO for 20-25 mins.
Serve hot with red chilli Vinegar Sauce/Tomato Sauce.


Butter Chicken

Cooking Time 25-30  Mins.
Ingredients Chicken 1 Kg.
Curd 1 Cup
Ginger 20 gms
Butter 50 gms
Onions 2 Large
Medium Size Tomatoes 3
Cream 100 gms
Garam Masala 2 tbsp
Few drops of red or orange food colouring
Salt and chilli powder to taste

Method :1. Make gashes on the chicken and blend with half the spices and salt along with food colouring, set aside for 1½ hrs.
2. Steam the marinated chicken in STEEMO for 25-30 minutes.
3. Heat the butter and add onions fry untill light brown, then add the tomatoes, garam masala, chilli powder and salt mix curd and cook till gravy turn thick. Add the steamed chicken, cream and cook over slow fire for 5-7 min. Serve hot.


Chilli Chicken

Cooking Time 35-40 Mins.
Ingredients French Bean 100 gms
Carrots 2
Shimla Mirch 2 Big
Onions 2 Big
Garlic 10 flakes
Soya Sauce, Vinegar, Tomato ketchup, Garam Masala, Red Chilli and Salt to taste.

Method :
1. Cut the vegetables into small cubes and steam in STEEMO for 
10-12 min and chicken for 30 min.
2. Heat very little oil in the nonstick pan, add onion and garlic and fry till half done.
3. Add vinegar, Soya Sauce, Tomato ketchup, Garam Malala, Salt and Red Chilli.
4. Now add steamed vegetables and steamed chicken.
5. Cook for another 5-7 min and serve hot.


Chicken Supreme with ‘Veloute’

Cooking Time 30 Mins.
Ingredients Chicken breast 4 Nos. “MIRE POIX”
Lemon juice 20 ml Carrota 10 g
White wine 50 ml Leeks 10 g
Rosemary herb 2 g Celery 5 g
Paprika powder 2 g Pepper Corns 1 g
Garlic paste 2 g Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) 20 nos.
Fresh cream 2 tsp. Roux Butter
Salt to taste Flour 10 g
Stuffing of chopped pickle
Soaked urad dal

Method :
1. Marinate chicken with lemon juice, white wine, salt, rosemary herbs, paprika powder and garlic powder for 1 hr.
2. Put the mire-poix (carrots, leeks, celery, peppercorn and bay leaves) in water in the steamer for flavouring.
3. Place the Soup tray.
4. Put chicken in the STEEMO and steam for 30 min.
5. Collect the juice in the Soup tray.
6. Make roux in a fry pan, by cooking butter and flour, till flour starts emitting a sweet smell. Do not colour.
7. Blend the juice into this roux till sauce is formed. Finish sauce by adding cream.
8. Serve Chicken breast topped with sauce.


Steamed Chicken Dry

Cooking Time 35-40 Mins.
Ingredients Full Chicken or Chicken Leg Pieces 1 Kg.
Onion 3
Lemon 1
Chat Masala and salt to taste

Method :
1. Wash and dry the chicken. Pierce the pieces with a knife.
2. Place the Soup tray. Put the container on the top of the Soup tray.
3. Put the chicken pieces in the STEEMO and steam for 35-40 min.
4. Put the chicken pieces in the serving tray, decorate with onion rings.
5. Sprinkle chat masala, salt and squeeze the lemon on it.
6. Serve hot.


Steamed Fish

Cooking Time 15-20  Mins.
Ingredients White pomfret 2
Tomato purre 100 gms
Onion cut into rings 2 Big
Garlic 10 Flakes
Lemon 1
Chilli Powder 1 tbsp
Chat masala and salt to taste

Method :
1. Clean the fish and marinate with garlic paste for 1 hr.
2. Steam the fish in STEEMO for 15-20 mins.
3. Put into the serving plate, decorate with onion rings, sprinkle chat masala, salt and lemon Serve hot.
For Variation :
Make thick tomato gravy and pour into the fish. Serve hot.


Patrani Macchi

Cooking Time 45 Mins.
Ingredients Fish Slices (fillets) 500 g
Malt vinegar 75 ml.
Banana leaves 8 Nos.
Ground nut oil 20 ml
Lemon 3 Nos.
Salt 10 g.
For Coconut Chutney :
Fresh coconut 100 g
Green chillies 4 nos.
Garlic/clove 1 nos.
Dhania powder 30 g.
Red chilli powder 3 g.
Dhania whole 10 g.
Jeera 10 g.
Lemon juice 6 nos.
Salt a pinch
Sugar ½ tsp.

Method :
1. Make pockets in the fillet of fish sideways.
2. Marinate in malt vinegar for 1 hr.
3. Wash and clean banana leaves.
4. Grate fresh coconut.
5. Blend all the ingredients for coconut chutney in a mixer.
6. Stuff this chutney in the pockets of the fish fillet.
7. Apply a little oil on the banana leaves.
8. Wrap nicely.
9. Steam for 30-45 mins.
10 Uncover, garnish with lemon wedges.
Serve in the leaf of banana.